Working with clients to help retain and acquire new customers.

With the fast paced improvement in network and advanced IT infrastructure, the Telecommunication Industry has been working towards out-of-the-box strategies. Industry leaders are adopting telecommunication outsourcing or leveraging business process outsourcing (BPO) as a winning strategy against these market odds. Outsourcing solutions help telecom companies manage cost pressures, gain access to specialized resources, optimize existing investments and establish a flexible strategy to retain and acquire more customers.

Nixxe Solutions has a deep understanding of the pressures, demands, regulations, and technological innovations associated with the telecommunications industry. Our integrated BPO model which merges the back and front office services, have been opted for, by several industry leaders to improve customer experiences and deliver cost effective measures.

Our service offerings for the Telecom industry include:

Sales Support
Customer Acquisition – Inbound, Outbound
Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Follow-up Calls, Customer Retention, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Brand Awareness calls.
Upsell, Cross-Sell
Email Support, Chat Support
At Nixxe Solutions LLC you will get all these benefits and more. Get quotes today.

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